Sunday, 24 June 2007

Gone A.W.O.L.

My apologies to my many fans out there (all 5 of y'all) for not posting on Friday or Saturday, but time's getting the better of me recently. Not to worry, this blog will continue...

I spent Friday evening watching a television recording. It was the first time I've ever been to see one, and I've gotta say, it was well worth. The tickets were free (that always works for me), and the show was called 'News Knight', a comedy along the lines of 'Have I Got News' minus the points. It's a topical news program, with Sir Trevor MacDonald hosting, and the guests were Marcus Bridgestock, Reginald D. Hunter & Clive Anderson.
I went with 4 of my cousins, and we all thought it was a great show. Was struck us though, was that we all noticed that we found Reginald Hunter's jokes more funny than the rest of the audience. I mean, the audience was mainly middle aged white folk, while me and my cousins are a bunch of 17-25 Indians.
We grew up watching Eddie Murphy and old clips of Richard Pryor, and to this day, we love Dave Chappelle's work (I must have seen every single televised stand-up of his twice over) to this day. I hadn't previously heard of Hunter (maybe some of the Americans can school me on him), but he instantly struck us as being the funniest of the three, especially with his Mr. T impressions (always funny not matter how many times I hear it).
I noticed that the people sitting directly ahead of us found hardly any of this material funny, while my cousins and I couldn't stop laughing. As we are second generation Indians in the UK, growing up we didn't have many Indian role-models, so we found the next best thing, and looked elsewhere. Most generally adopted Black culture as our own (remember Apache Indian?), and to this day, the average brown kid listens to either hip hop or R&B or both. I started listening to my brother's old tapes that he used to record offa the radio and instantly loved what I heard. And this was when my love for hip hop music became apparent.
Hip hop music has changed a lot over the years, but my favourite hip hop albums are those where you know the artists are having fun doing what they're doing.

Today's album post...
Time Machine - Slow Your Roll
Time Machine is a hip hop trio formed in Washington, D.C. They are DJ Mekalek (from Rhode Island) and MC's Comel (New York) and Jaysonic (Miami). 'Slow Your Roll' is the debut LP, and was originally released in 2004.
I saw this album (like countless others) receiving full marks on Rap Reviews, and thought it was worth listening to. You might well know that the illustrious score is not rare on Rap Reviews, but at least they have the balls to give it now and then. After a bit of searching, I found the album, and gave it a spin.
The album opens with a clock ticking, quite appropriate, before Jaysonic starts to spit. The beat seems psychadelic, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Jaysonic sounds like your favourite MC, with a easy flow, while Comel sounds like a young B-Real. Together, it's makes great listening.
The album clocks in at around 70 minutes, and considering it has 18 tracks, the average song is pretty short. I must admit that recently I've preferred shorter albums simply because it takes less time to listen to, and is more likely to have fewer fillers. Lazy I know, but circumstances dictate. This album, however is the exception to the rule. Songs like 'Personal Ads' and 'Night Lights' feature some great production, and shortly after hearing the album, I managed to get a copy of Mekalek's solo joint, entitled 'Live & Learn'. Listen to this album on a long journey in the car, and watch the time fly by (no pun intended).
All this without mentioning my favourite cut on the album. 'The Way Things Are' is for me, the perfect hip hop track. Good subject, great lyrics, and the best use of a sample I've heard for an age. Just check my to see how many times this track gets played.
Enjoy, and peace out!

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Mystik Journeyman said...

Cheers for that. I'll have a listen within the next few months!

I've never seen the Trevor McD show but I remember seeing Reginald D. Hunter on Have I Got New For You and the laughs he provided were on the same scale as Paul Merton (one of the kings of comedy); although some of his humour was (African-)American-centric, most of it was fully appreciated by the panel and the audience.

Chappelle rocks!