Saturday, 16 June 2007

Respect Your Elders

Often when me and my bro are feeling philosophical, we have some random debates about everything from the existence of God to the ideal football formation. One of the most hotly debated things we talk about is the idea of respect.

My brother (who is older than me) believes in the phrase, 'Respect your elders'. He thinks that we should be courteous and polite to whoever is older than us, no matter what. I've often asked him hypothetical questions like, 'if Robert Mugabe approached you at a party, would you still treat him with respect?' No matter what person I substitute in for Mugabe (Hitler, Mussolini, a member of the KKK), he would still answer in the same manner...

'I would politely decline to talk to them, and walk away'.
As for me, I wouldn't be so considerate, and probably express myself more freely with a...
'Fuck off'.
I like to think that respect is earned, and I therefore respect everyone that deserves it, both the old and young. I've met many older people who have been total arseholes in that they think that because of a factor that they didn't even control (i.e. their time of birth) allows them to treat younger people like shit.
Case in point: I was getting off the bus on my way to work last week. As I walking down from the top deck, there was a bit of a queue on the stairs so I waited for the bus to stop. When the bus came to a stop, I was thrown forward slightly, and accidentally hit an old man (musta been about 70/80 years old) in front of me. I said sorry almost immediately, but about ten seconds later, the guy elbows me, and says, 'Don't push me, you Indian cunt'. At this point, I was like, 'What the fuck? Did that guy just call me a cunt?' Anyways, I just smiled, and thought how dumb/ignorant that old man must be.
I mean, how am I supposed to respect this old man? I have a theory that my brother bases his reasoning on the fact that his is older than me, and so automatically deserves respect. I, on the other hand, am younger and would rather bsae my respect for him on his actions, rather than just his age.
He always calls me the 'new generation', which implies I have no moral values, etc. I think that he's very much 'old-fashioned'. No matter how many times we discuss this topic, I have a feeling that we will never quite totally agree on the situation.
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Mystik Journeyman said...

I agree that age is irrelevant. I think people should treat each other with the basic level of respect that equates to politeness.

This should apply to our 'youngers' too.