Monday, 18 June 2007

Times Are Changin'

As the world gets faster and faster, will we ever have time to just stop and appreciate the music?
New advances in technology have resulted in higher-than-ever internet speeds, which has resulted in millions of people over the world downloading their favourite album at the click of a button. Music collections breaking the 50 GB barrier have become the norm, and things don't look like they're gonna change any time soon.
One question I've always wondered was when do people actually get a chance to listen to that latest album that they have downloaded? I've noticed that as I've gotten older, and my music collection has grown, that backlog of albums that I've been meaning to listen just grows and grows. Although it's true that I have been collecting a more diverse range of music than before, I believe that the list is growing simply because I just don't have enough time as I once did to just sit down and listen to an album all the way through.
When I was in high school, it was easy to stick an CD into my player, and just spend the rest of my day listening to one album. By the end of the day, I would probably know every word of it. Nowadays, my commute to uni consists of a hour long train ride, and while I still don't have enough cash to throw at a pair of noise-cancelling 'phones, it's way too noisy to listen to any lyrics being spit. As a result, instrumentals have taken over.
So this post is dedicated to the last album which I played through from beginning to end...
Little Brother - The Listening
On the track, 'The Listening', Phonte quotes...
"Bought 'Long Live The Kane' sat down and learned every word of it"
Little did I know that while listening to this album, this is what I was subconsciously doing.
I was in my last year in high school when I first read about this album on Rap Reviews. I was searching through albums I hadn't heard of, when I came across Flash's review of the album. I have to admit, I'm one of those people that scrolls down to see the score before I spend my time reading the full review (hey, time is money, and I don't wanna spend my time reading the review for an album that ends up getting 2 outta 10!). It got a full 10, and that got my attention. I know Rap Reviews hands out full marks as often as The Game gets in beef, but it has to be at least worth a listen, I thought at the time.
The stand out track on this album for me is definately 'The Getup'. 9th kills the beat, and Te and Pooh's lyrics are great. Te and Pooh's exchanges on the mic reminded me of the days of Tip and Phife, so effortless, so smooth. The greatest testament I can owe to this album is that it opened my eyes to a whole new range of hip hop. Before, I was weary of listening to any old album that came my way, and relied on other people's opinions and reviews. After this album, I started to just get whatever I could, and give everything at least one listen to decide what I myself thought of it.
What I didn't know at the time was that the disposable time I had was getting less and less, and my backlog would be getting bigger and bigger. LB followed this album up with the critcally acclaimed 'The Minstrel Show', and now the trio are now pretty much regular names on the hip hop scene, although 9th recently left the group because of creative differences. I just hope the new LP will be half as good as 'The Listening' without him.
'The Listening', for me, will always be remembered as THAT album for THAT summer, when time stood still and the music played.

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