Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Fuck Kanye!

So, the biggest news to hip hop recently is the leak of Kanye West's forthcoming album, 'Graduation'. Already being hailed as a classic, it has been the talk of town, and the fact it is released at the same time as 50 Cent's 'Curtis' provides most hip hop fans with a 'Good Hip Hop' Vs. 'Bad Hip Hop' debate. However, from a personal point of view, I think this argument should be changed to a 'Bad Hip Hop' Vs. 'Bad Hip Hop'.

Anyone who posts on the Rap Basement forum (register dammit!) already knows how I feel about Kanye West. For the rest of y'all, here's an update...
At first, I was a big fan. I managed to get 'The College Dropout' before Ye blew up big time, and was really impressed. His content was good, lyrics better than average, and the beats were (of course) great. He knew where he was in the hip hop hierarchy, and made subtle jabs at mainstream artists (on 'Breathe In Breathe Out', for example). He was, at the time, a breath of fresh air. I had that CD on repeat for a while, and thought that even the club tracks like 'The New Workout Plan' wern't all that bad. The best track on the album was the one that he didn't even need to rap on; 'Last Call' was great, chronicling his rise to his current position in hip hop. Then, I don't know what the fuck happened to him. I think that a little bit of success went straight to his head, and he came out with the kind of publicity stunts that would make even 50 and Jay go, 'Woah!' (the 'Bush hates black people', crying about not winning awards, etc).
This made him a household name, and ever since then, people have been on his dick. He could have just carried on doing what he was doing, and getting his props for his music, but no. He had to act like (or worse than) every second rapper out there, like a little bitch. There was a period in the middle where every week he would be complaining about not winning an award, and this got old really fast. He began to believe his own hype. He is the master of self-promotion, and has meanwhile let his music (his main calling card) gradually decrease in quality. The 'Louis Vitton don'? For fuck's sake, if I hear that shit one more time...
So, to conclude, fuck Kanye and his manipulation of the masses. It really annoys me how by saying 'I'm the best' or some other ignorant ass shit gets you noticed, and more importantly increase record sales. Meanwhile, the MC's out there doing their thing get ignored cos they haven't got the ego of Mr. West. If Killah Priest took notes offa Ye, he would be a platinum selling artist right now. Thank god he hasn't. Instead, he has releases a quality LP that will nonetheless be ignored by most hip hop listeners.
Some people are already calling this album of the year (still got 4 months left dammit), and seem like they're cheerleading for the guy. They've become so blinded by Ye's previous two albums, that they cannot even give a non-bias view of Graduation. Just look at the 'Anticipating Graduation' thread. People were expecting a masterpiece from Ye, and went it turned out that it wasn't, they didn't feel it was right by going back on what they said would be a great album. They heard, but didn't listen.
I'm not even gonna bother to mention the release date that he and 50 Cent have chosen, because that seems like such an obvious move for both of these characters.
I gave the album a listen, cos even I am not that ignorant and know that despite my personal feelings, it may be really good, another 'TCD', maybe. But having gone through the albums a couple of times, I sincerely believe that everything written above still stands true. I wasn't impressed by the early leaked tracks, 'Stronger' or 'Can't Tell Me Nothing' (I actually thought both these tracks were some of his worst work to date...), and the rest of the album was pretty much the same for me. The highlight was 'Champion' where Ye does what he does best (the ONLY thing he still does well nowadays, IMO), using a nice looped sample. Don't even bother mentioning the guests on this album. Imagine Lil' Wayne on 'TCD'? Nah. Meanwhile, every rapper's new favourite white boy, Chris Martin appears on the reworking of 'Home'.
The folks at Rap Basement reading this must be pretty sick of it, but hey, it's the way I feel. Kanye has made music for the masses, and on hip hop standards it's just plain pop. Considering 'Finding Forever' and 'Eardrum' have also recently dropped, there's no need for me to say it, but I will anyway; save your money and invest in these two dope albums. Not to mention the constant release of great underground albums that have dropped recently or in the near future ('Dirty Acres', 'The Show', etc). Eric (from WTR) said that Kanye has us by the nuts, and if that means we all checked out his album, then it's true. I'm glad to say, however, that now I'm off, and thinking good riddance. Now let's get back to some proper hip hop. My advice to Kanye West: you're gonna be the new Michael Jackson if you keep acting this way...

Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Note From The Author...

I'm just adding links to the albums I've written about in the past, as I got lazy in the middle, and stopped doing it. All of them should be working pretty soon.